An Ode to Vanessa Hudgens' VMAs Dress

Why her pretty, dreamy gown is such a refreshing surprise.

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Sometimes, on a night when the expected red carpet attire is a gold overall breast-bearing loin-cloth or a sequined houndstooth crop top sweat set, the way you shock and awe is by doing something plain-old pretty. 

Enter Vanessa Hudgens, who opted, at tonight's MTV VMAs, to don the most g*ddamn stunning dress ever—no gimmicks, no physics-defying cutouts, just a whole lot of dreamy, flattering, Naeem Khan-designed dusty-rose pink.


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Gorgeous, no? Gotta love a girl who bucks the trend. And one who doubles down by topping the whole thing off with unabashedly girly crown-braid waves and delicate little jewelry. 

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Here, for your ogling pleasure, the look from every angle:

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And here, with sister Stella, the gorgeousness doubles:

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Thanks for understanding us, Vanessa—that while we appreciate nipple pasties as much as the next gal, we'll always have a soft spot for a pretty pink dress.

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