How Prince Louis Will Spend His Second Birthday Tomorrow

April 23 is Prince Louis' second birthday, and we've gotten hints about how he might spend his day, thanks to Kate Middleton and Prince William.

  • It's already time for Prince Louis' second birthday, and we've gotten hints about how he might spend his day.
  • Likely, it'll be shenanigans with siblings, video calls with relatives, and perhaps even a cake baked by Kate herself!
  • ICYMI, the little munchkin is being very mischievous while his parents work from home. 

Prince Louis is turning two tomorrow (I cannot believe it—in my memory, we just spotted a glimpse of him outside the hospital). And, just like everyone else right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, there won't be a big celebration with friends. But Kate Middleton and Prince William are probably champs at birthday celebrations by this point. Here's how Louis' day might be (quietly) special over at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, where the family's staying. 

Per HELLO!, the royals have been hinting at activities that might be planned for Louis on the special day. Kate and William have been doing a lot of video calls—say they prefer them, even, because it allows for longer, deeper conversations—so it's likely that Louis will get to chat with his great-granny The Queen and granddad Charles that way, just like Archie did on the Queen's birthday yesterday. That is, if he ever stops pushing the red button and accidentally ending the call. (Perhaps he'll also get to talk to Uncle Harry, Aunt Meghan, and cousin Archie? TBD—it's unclear how close that relationship is right now.)

Kate's revealed that happy birthday is Louis' favorite song, so, no issue there, and she apparently told Mary Berry on A Berry Royal Christmas that "Louis adores beetroot, which inspired Mary to create a recipe for a beetroot and chocolate cake." Kate also explained she loved doing the baking, even when she ends up making way too much (SAME, and also my baking is garbage). Kate's party planning skills probably started when she assisted with the family business, run by her mom Carole. 

And, of course, Louis will be spending the day with his older siblings George and Charlotte:

Oh yes, and we'll probably get a new photo of him. Fingers crossed, TBH—that'll make my whole day better. 

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