Lizzo Is a Green-Haired Vision in a Starry New Photoshoot

Lizzo shared a gorgeous new photoshoot on Instagram in which she poses nude, covered in glittering stars and sporting bright green hair.

lizzo instagram photoshoot
(Image credit: Aaron J. Thornton)
  • Lizzo shared a gorgeous new photoshoot on Instagram in which she poses nude, covered in glittering stars.
  • In the photos, she sports bright green hair, styled in an elegant updo with one curl framing her face.
  • "When they say ‘ima star’ this is what they mean," Lizzo captioned the photos.

Need a dose of radiant beauty to motivate you through the mid-week slump? Look no further than Lizzo's Instagram! The artist just shared a photoshoot in which she poses nude in bright sunlight, covered in glittering stars—and debuts bright green hair, which might just inspire your next hair look. The caption is extremely accurate: "When they say ‘ima star’ this is what they mean," Lizzo wrote.

Let's break down the look, since every detail has been meticulously considered—most likely the work of Lizzo and her creative director Quinn Wilson, who's tagged in the Instagram post. Again, I am truly obsessed with the bright green hair; it's styled in an elegant updo, with one long curl framing her face.

Said hair color ties in perfectly with her shimmery, sea green eye look, completed with a long eyeliner flick. That eye makeup also matches her nails, which are painted a similar sea green shade and finished with bright yellow stars. Oh, and to match the glittering diamanté stars applied all over Lizzo's face and body, she wears metallic gold star earrings. A vision!

Lizzo also shared a video from the shoot, soundtracked by TikTok user TheRealLifeMannequin's "Black and Fine Challenge." Watch, bask in her beauty, and consider trying out green hair yourself, why don't you?

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