Katie Holmes Posts a Thirst Trap in Support of #BidenHarris2020

Martha Stewart's poolside photo is shaking!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: 2020 has been interesting. And when I say interesting, I mean it has the plot of a really, really bad movie, but it's filled with an insane amount of hot people, so you kinda just go with it. And now is the perfect time for me to introduce Katie Holmes' latest Instagram post!

The actress and street style queen posted a very, uh...supportive post in relation to Tuesday's news of Joe Biden announcing Kamala Harris as his running mate. In what appears to be a still out of a movie she's been in (or for me personally, a still from a fragrance commercial that airs sometime around 2 a.m.), Holmes posted this:

I know what you're thinking: a thirst trap announcing her support for Biden and Harris? How chic! Forget telling people to register to vote, or what this duo could mean to this country come January 2021—instead, just go with what you feel like doing! It's what we're all doing now anyway until the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2020, and the bad juju that came with this year magically ~vanishes~.

Holmes hasn't commented on the political thirst trap, and honestly, with a serve like this, she doesn't need to. After all, with her recent Instagram post of a turtle basically getting eaten by god knows what, that should've been proof enough her Instagram was becoming a free-for-all. I am team #PostWhateverYouWantKatie2020.

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