Katie Holmes' Fans Are So Confused by Her Latest Instagram Post

  • This weekend, fans were left scratching their heads a bit at Katie Holmes' latest Instagram post.
    • The actress shared a video, which she captioned, "Too cute 💕," that appears to show a baby turtle bobbing in the ocean for a few seconds before disappearing.
      • Several fans commented that it appeared, to them at least, that the small animal had been eaten by something bigger swimming under the surface of the water, leaving them confused about the post in general and specifically about the caption Katie used.

        Katie Holmes' Instagram account is a beautiful eccentric tapestry of things. It's like a collage that her soul makes and we love her for it. Her latest Instagram post, however, has left a lot of her followers pretty damn confused.

        On Saturday, the actress shared a short video clip on her grid. The video shows a small being, which appears to be a little turtle, bobbing along in the water for a few seconds before disappearing beneath the surface. Katie captioned the video, "Too cute 💕," which left fans—many of whom commented that it looked to them as though the small animal was eaten by something bigger swimming beneath the surface of the water—confused to say the least.

        "I think it just got eaten. 🤔," one user commented.

        katie holmes video comment 1

        "Sorry, for me it looks like if a very big fish comes from the ground and the turtle is away🤔," another wrote.

        katie holmes video comment 2

        "Um that’s sad!" a third commenter added. "The fish ate that little baby turtle!!"

        katie holmes video comment 3

        Other viewers had different, less disturbing interpretations, however.

        "I think that must be a larger turtle it goes to...otherwise the caption wouldn’t make sense," one offered.

        "I think baby is swimming with mama," another added. "Just diving."

        Here's the video. Watch it for yourself and determine what you think is happening in the clip:

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