Chrissy Teigen's Sour Candy Pregnancy Cravings Are Literally Burning Her Tongue Off

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  • Pregnant Chrissy Teigen revealed she's craving sour candy—and she's eating so much, it's literally burning her tongue.
  • She shared a graphic video on her Instagram Story Thursday of her painfully damaged tongue.
  • "It's literally falling off," Teigen said.

    Allow me to spin you a yarn, dear readers. Picture, if you will, a young British woman who happens to feel acutely anxious in crowded spaces, sitting on a seven hour flight from New York to Edinburgh next to a couple who keep trying to involve her in their very personal, very nasty argument. Picture a full bag of Sour Patch Kids Extreme, gradually depleted as said British woman powers through them, sucking frantically on each one in order to quell her panic. Now imagine, finally at home that night, said woman attempting to brush her teeth only to realize that the mere suggestion of mint sends a fiery agony through her decimated tongue. Obviously that woman is me! And obviously that anecdote was very relevant to the upcoming story!

    Chrissy Teigen is also a fan of sour candy, she recently shared on social media, and her intake has dramatically increased amid her pregnancy. Alas, her tongue is suffering the consequences, as she revealed in an extremely graphic Instagram Story Thursday. "I told you I'm eating so much sour candy that my tongue is falling off. And it is," she says in the clip. If you're strong of stomach, observe the photo below:

    chrissy teigen tongue instagram

    "It's literally falling off because I eat so much in the night. I eat sour straws. I suck on them and then after them, I have my Blow Pops," Teigen continues. "It's just falling off, my tongue." She goes on to hold up literal pieces of her tongue which have peeled off into her hand, but I can't bring myself to inflict that visual upon you, readers (for the truly masochistic, People has a screenshot). I'm sorry for writing this article, friends! I just didn't want to suffer alone!

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