Prince William and Kate Middleton's Kids Have Already Written Their Letters to Santa, Apparently

They're also "nagging" Will and Kate to put up the Christmas tree.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and kids
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  • Today in not actually very surprising news: Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids are very ready for it to be Christmas already.
  • According to a royal source, Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, "can't wait for Christmas," which is their "favorite time of the year."
  • George, Charlotte, and Louis are so excited for the holiday season, in fact, that they've apparently already written their letters to Santa for the year and are "nagging" their parents to put up the Christmas tree.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's kidsPrince GeorgePrincess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are very ready for the holidays, tyvm.

The Cambridge kids "can't wait for Christmas," a royal source revealed to Us Weekly. And yeah, the fact that a seven-year-old, five-year-old, and two-year-old are excited for Christmas is some of the least-surprising news imaginable, but it's still pretty darn cute.

"It’s their favorite time of the year," the royal insider explained. "In fact, they’ve already written their list for Santa and are nagging William and Kate to put up the Christmas tree."

The source was apparently all kinds of excited to spill some royal child tea, and also offered some insights into the Cambridge kids' personalities and current obsessions and hobbies.

“George is well-behaved. All the kids are, but Charlotte and Louis both have a cheeky streak. Louis is more like Charlotte in personality than George!” the source revealed. "George is obsessed with helicopters, planes and marine biology. He can’t wait to be old enough to go diving. Charlotte loves gymnastics but has recently taken up kids’ yoga. Lots of the other kids at school do it and she’s teaching Louis down dog and tree pose!"

Show of hands if you'd absolutely take yoga lessons from Charlotte.


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