Timothée Chalamet Played Harry Styles on 'SNL' and Twitter Cannot Cope

"Timothée Chalamet knew what he was doing!!!!"

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live made some major dreams come true when Timothée Chalamet (opens in new tab) dressed up as Harry Styles (opens in new tab), and even put on a British accent.

Chalamet (opens in new tab) was SNL's host on December 12, and the actor took part in a plethora of sketches. However, it was his turn as former One Direction singer, Styles (opens in new tab), that really captured the world's attention, and led to some pretty enthusiastic responses on Twitter. The skit was titled "Dionne Warwick Talk Show," in reference to the singer's legendary social media interactions (opens in new tab) this month.

From his striped sweater to his high-waisted pants, Chalamet nailed his Styles impression, and fans were more than a little thankful.

"This better not awaken anything in me."

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"Literally the end of me."

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"My life is complete now."

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"What I needed."

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"Timothée Chalamet knew what he was doing!!!!"

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"The crossover we needed!"

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Chalamet's impersonation of Styles wasn't his only memorable moment on Saturday Night Live. Here are some of his other unforgettable appearances on the show.

He sang a song about a tiny horse.

Chalamet showed off his baking skills.

He became part of a family of coronavirus particles.

Chalamet formed a rap duo with Pete Davidson.

In fact, Davidson might be Chalamet's bestie now.

He filmed a Christmas car commercial.

And his monologue explored all of things he loves about New York City.

As Davidson also turned up during Chalamet's monologue, it's safe to say that these two are our new favorite comedy duo.

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