Prince William Reveals Which of His Kids Is the "Cheekiest"

In a clip from the upcoming Prince William: A Planet for Us All, Prince William says that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are equally cheeky.

  • In a new clip from the new documentary, Prince William: A Planet for Us AllPrince William opens up about the cheekiness of his children. 
  • In a clip shared by ET Online, a little girl asks the royal if Princess Charlotte is "cheekier" than her older brother, Prince George.
  • While most people who follow the royals probably expected William to describe Charlotte as cheekier, he actually says that George and Charlotte are "about as cheekier as each other."

Royal fans love hearing tidbits about the royal kids and we just got a brand new one, courtesy of Prince William himself.

In a new clip from the new documentary, Prince William: A Planet for Us AllWilliam opens up about the personalities of his oldest two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

"Is Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?" a little girl asks the future king while he's visiting a Liverpool school in the clip, shared by ET Online.

While most royal fans probably expected Will's answer to be a resounding "yes, duh," especially given Charlotte's now-famous waves to the crowd during public appearances, the actual answer was pretty surprising (and a bit of a cheat, but that's okay, we'll allow it).

"No, they're about as cheekier as each other," William says with a smile in the clip, which also features the royal getting a tour of the school children's bug hotel—the expertly named "Bugingham Palace."

Prince William: A Planet for Us All is narrated by David Oyelowo and follows William's work in environmentalism and conservation, as well as his journey "from growing up with a deep connection with the outdoors, something he now shares with his own children, to realizing a lifelong passion for African conservation. The documentary highlights the importance of energizing and championing young people around the world as they become the next voice for our planet and our greatest hope for righting the ship of which we’ve ignored for too long."

Prince William: A Planet for Us All is now available on Discovery+.

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