Prince William Is Probably Not Happy with Prince Harry's Diana Tribute on the Archewell Website, Expert Says

Royal author Phil Dampier explains why Prince William may be upset with Prince Harry's tribute to Princess Diana on the Archewell website.

  • According to a royal expert, there could be some more drama in Prince Harry and Prince William's (opens in new tab) future, thanks to Harry's latest tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana.
  • Royal author Phil Dampier (opens in new tab) says Will might be "worried" about the 2021 letter Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, shared on their Archewell website.
  • "I don't think he would be happy if Harry appears to be exploiting his mother's iconic status," he explained.

Prince Harry's (opens in new tab) latest tribute to Princess Diana (opens in new tab) was incredibly sweet—but it could put more strain on his relationship with his brother, Prince William, apparently.

The tribute in question was posted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's (opens in new tab) Archewell website (opens in new tab), which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex updated with a letter to fans for 2021. Alongside photos of themselves with their mothers, Harry and Meghan (opens in new tab) wrote:

"I am my mother’s son.

And I am our son’s mother.

Together we bring you Archewell.

We believe in the best of humanity.

Because we have seen the best of humanity.

We have experienced compassion and kindness,

From our mothers and strangers alike.

In the face of fear, struggle and pain,

It can be easy to lose sight of this.

Together, we can choose courage, healing, and connection.

Together, we can choose to put compassion in action.

We invite you to join us.

As we work to build a better world,

One act of compassion at a time."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, royal expert Phil Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan In Their Own Words (opens in new tab)explained why the sweet letter might not sit well with William. 

"I think William will be slightly worried if Harry uses Diana for any of his charitable or commercial ventures without consulting him, and I don't think he would be happy if Harry appears to be exploiting his mother's iconic status," Dampier said.

Another potential issue: Harry's "snub" of his father, Prince Charles (opens in new tab), in the letter.

"It's also very significant that Harry called himself his 'mother's son' but has made no mention of Prince Charles. William is very much following now in his father's footsteps with his environmental and conservation work," Dampier explained. "And although Harry has praised his father in the past, it seems odd not to mention him more and work in conjunction with him, rather than separately."

Of course, this is all guesswork and we hope none of it turns out to be true because Harry, Will, and the rest of the royal family (opens in new tab) definitely deserve a drama-free year in 2021.


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