Chrissy Teigen Played a Mushroom and Is Ready For Her Emmy

Chrissy Teigen played a mushroom in an extremely cute Instagram video of a new television role, joking that she was ready for her Emmy.

  • Chrissy Teigen dressed as a mushroom in a new and extremely cute Instagram video, wearing a huge mushroom cap hat, a beige dress, and two circles of bright pink blush on her cheeks.
  • Teigen seemed to be filming a TV show, though she didn't specify which—but she did reveal on Twitter that husband John Legend has a role in the show too.
  • Legend got a slightly more glamorous role, Teigen revealed: She tweeted "just for comparison, john got to be the king of music."

Chrissy Teigen debuted a new and extremely adorable outfit on Instagram Tuesday: a mushroom costume, comprising a huge mushroom cap hat tied on with ribbons, a long-sleeved beige dress, and two spots of bright pink blush on her cheeks. And no, Teigen did not explain what the ensemble was for, but that only adds to its charm!

Based on a few extremely subtle context clues—the mic, the green screen, Teigen's script—it looks like she's playing a mushroom in some sort of kids' TV show, though we'll have to wait to find out which. "No, that’s not it either," she says in the clip. "Well, I guess I do spend time in stinky dirt, but that dirt is full of nutrients!" Whatever the show, Teigen's evidently confident in her performance: She jokingly tagged the Television Academy, bestower of Emmys, in the caption. Academy! It's time to start engraving that trophy!

On Twitter, Teigen let a few more details slip about the mysterious TV show—namely, that husband John Legend will also make an appearance. Sharing the same clip of her mushroom performance, Teigen revealed that Legend received a slightly more glamorous role in the production. "just for comparison, john got to be the king of music," she tweeted. There's a mushroom/much room/funghi/fun guy joke in there somewhere, but my midweek brain's just not operating at that level.


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