Katie Holmes Wore the Coolest Pyjama Set for a New York City Stroll

new york, ny   may 20  katie holmes arrives to the american ballet theatre 2019 spring gala at the metropolitan opera house on may 20, 2019 in new york city  photo by james devaneygc images
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  • Katie Holmes wore a silky floral pyjama set while out in New York City Wednesday.
  • Holmes paired the chic matching set with black patent flats, aviator sunglasses, and a patterned leather tote.
  • The perfect look for the cool girl who loves to nap!

    If you're not perpetually exhausted after the past 18 months, I am happy for you but also I simply cannot relate. And if you are, I have some style inspiration you're sure to enjoy! Katie Holmes headed out in New York City Wednesday in an outfit as comfortable as it is chic (admire the look over at Vogue): a silky pyjama short set in a floral pattern, paired with black patent flats, aviator sunglasses, a face mask, and a black and white leather Roger Vivier tote. Stylish! Summery! Ready for a nap at any moment!

    Holmes' NYC style has attracted an awful lot of acclaim in the past few years, and the actor says comfort is crucial when putting together an outfit. "I try lots of different things. I'm not scared of certain looks. [But] I really feel like if you don't feel comfortable, don't do it," she told Elle in 2019. "You should wear what you feel comfortable with, and be confident in yourself, and know that what you like is enough, and you look great, and own it."

    "If I don't feel good in something, I know I'm not pulling it off because I don't feel good in it. That goes into when I'm creating a character, and I'm in a wardrobe fitting for a job. It has to make sense to me," Holmes continued. "If I'm going to an event, and it just doesn't feel right, or I feel like it just isn't me, then I don't feel right, and I don't want to be that. I think it is finding what makes you feel good and being confident in yourself." All the better if what makes you feel good is PJs!

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