Jennifer Aniston Answered Bizarre Fan Questions on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

She was never married to Lester Holt, FYI.

Jennifer Aniston on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
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Start typing "Jennifer Aniston" in the Google search bar and you can imagine what the autofill function comes up with: "age," "net worth," "boyfriend," etc. But have you ever asked yourself what the most niche questions people have about the actress are? No? Well, fair enough, but Jimmy Kimmel has—if only for our viewing pleasure.

Receiving the star on his talk show, Kimmel asked Aniston if she would be so kind as to answer some of these burning questions that only a select few curious souls have ever googled. She agreed, albeit reluctantly.

The first question was about whether she'd ever dined at the Olive Garden—which, now that I think about it, is a super valid question to which I'm glad we finally have an answer. "Of course!" she said, which is fantastic intel.

Second was this gem: "When it comes to men, what is Jennifer Aniston's perfect amount of chest hair?" OK, that's pretty specific... Aniston answered, "Not a lot, meaning not too much, and not too... not nothing. A sprinkling."

This is when things get really weird. Kimmel read out, "If Jennifer Aniston could make one of her body parts detachable, which one would it be?" After some reflection, the actress—ever the pragmatist—answered, "my hair."

We also learned that Aniston "loves to vacuum," has in fact met Carrot Top, isn't three kids in a trench coat, has nothing against the Swedes, and was never married to Lester Holt. All very good to know, I'm sure you'll agree.

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