Megan Fox Married: Is Brian Austin Green a Trophy Husband?

Breaking news: Remember when we recently reported that Megan Fox was engaged? Turns out she and longtime boyfriend (and short-term fiancé) Brian Austin Green have eloped!

Of course, after such a disastrous proposal, we don't blame the guy for wanting to seal the deal and fast. Because let's face it: The real story here is that a guy kickin' it on the F-list with the likes of Kathy Griffin managed to score a megawatt A-list hottie like Megan Fox.

Our pals over at seem to get to the heart of the matter by taking a more psychological approach to the phenom of so-called "Hollywood trophy husbands." Check out their hilarious slideshow that maps out exactly how lesser males snag the Scar-Jos and Jessica Albas of the world, and keep them. And to all you dudes out there — ya might wanna take notes.

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