MC Cheatsheet: Kate Moss's New Jam & DVF Hospital Gowns

D. Benett

Katie: "Dear Kate Moss, I don't think we're ready for this jelly." Fashionista

Anna: "There's nothing more awful to wear than a hospital gown — in addition to the fact that you're, uh, in the hospital, the gowns are ugly, itchy, and quite often unintentionally revealing. DVF to the rescue!" Newsweek

Jessica: "Note to my little brother: Eat it." Lemondrop

Sophia: "Score one for feminists everywhere — Beyoncé is one of us!" The Frisky

Jihan: "Make more than your man? He's more likely to cheat on you because of it. Grow up, guys!" NPR

Kate: "Hipster Dov Charney, the CEO of hipster-friendly American Apparel, is (shockingly) anti-hipster." Daily Intel

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