MC Cheatsheet: Coco Rocha's Epic Wedding Video Makes Us Swoon

Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage

Katie: "Seriously Coco? Seriously?! You're killing us over here. First the adorable engagement photos, and now a wedding video that can only be described as epic." Refinery29

Sophia: "Thought your parents were tough? This dad created an ad in the paper for 30 hours of free babysitting — with his daughter's face —when she missed curfew. Yeesh." Gawker TV

Anna: "Please don't click this link if you're at work — instead, RUN to a computer where onlookers won't be disturbed/offended by the hilariously foul language in the new Cee-Lo song everyone on the interweb is talking about (and that's about to be stuck in your head for a week)." Pitchfork

Jessica: "Kanye West is really starting to get prolific with his idea of good Fridays." Music Mix

Jihan: "Not that I was a user, but Chatroulette is suddenly down and the website is referring to it as an 'experiment.' If it really was an experiment, it was definitely a good one." Gawker

Kate: "First there was $45 lipstick, but $10,000 perfume? When will the price of beauty stop rising?" StyleList

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