MC Cheatsheet: Would You Want to Dress Like a Blogger?

Martha Camarillo

Katie: "ModCloth and Stuart Weitzman attempt to define a blogger's wardrobe. Hey, it worked for Express and their Editor pants." The Frisky

Elana: "I've long been a fan of Discovery Channel's Cash Cab, and thanks to Refinery 29, the concept's gotten a stylish makeover. Check out editor Connie's Q&A with über-blogger Garance Dore — who knew she was a secret Luke Skywalker fan?!" Refinery29

Anna: "Sick of celeb fashion lines yet? Well, get ready for celeb-kid fashion lines. First up: 8-year-old Romeo Beckham." Apex News

Koryn: "Cakes that feature disembodied infant head and limbs: A new trend and fun treat for a baby shower, or an incredibly effective form of subversive pro-birth-control propaganda? You decide." The Luxury Spot

Kate: "I get the appeal of cat videos, I do (case in point: Sugar on Fashion Week). But I just think this particular DJ Kitty is one step away from clawing the videographer's eyes out." Huffington Post

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