Fashion and Self Defense Actually Go Hand in Hand

Hollywood star Katheryn Winnick teaches Marie Claire editors how our magazine kicks-ass, literally.

Vikings star and real-world badass martial arts expert, Katheryn Winnick, dropped by Marie Claire on Wednesday to teach us a few tricks of her trade. Winnick, who also happens to be a black belt, spoke of how she teaches self-defense classes from time to time—even while on set in Ireland. Without skipping a beat, the actress took hold of our December issue and explained that it easily can double "as a weapon with the same strength as an steel rod."

"If you're on a bus or subway and there's a sketchy guy across from you or wherever, you can take a magazine...roll it up nice and tight, hold it in the center, and go for the head or groin. Wherever," she said. Watch out, folks.

Person rolling a magazine into a tube.

(Image credit: Marie Claire)