17 Celebs Who Seriously Never, Ever Age

They're not plasticized to within an inch of their lives like a Real Housewife, yet stars like Julia Roberts never, ever seem to age. It's almost creepy. What are these people doing, (besides having millions of dollars and access to the best trainers and derms in the universe)? Anyway, good for these 17 positively ageless celebs...

julia roberts
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Julia Roberts

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Pretty Woman was 23 years ago. She still looks the same.

Halle Berry

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This woman is 46 years old. She may or may not be a robot.


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Evidence that working out for four hours a day does wonders for your skin...

Jen Aniston

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If the fountain of youth is yoga and margaritas in Cabo, sign us up.

Kate Winslet

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Rose DeWitt Bukater actually gets better looking with age

Robin Wright

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Looking like Princess Buttercup for all eternity? As you wish!

Naomi Watts

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Endlessly gorge.


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Hair color and husbands may change, but ink and pillow lips are forever.

Christy Turlington

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We just can't even...

Charlize Theron

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Who else looks good with basically no hair? For like two decades?

Kerry Washington

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Getting older with grace? Let's just say it's handled.

Cindy Crawford

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25 years elapsed between these two photos, AND NOTHING!

Naomi Campbell

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Write it off under the supermodel clause...

Kate Moss

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Still hot.

Heidi Klum

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And after four kids no less...

Uma Thurman

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Sandra Bullock

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Hands of time, don't even mess with Sandy Bullock.


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