Barry Keoghan Is Publicly Thirsting Over Girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter’s Skims Campaign

But some fans aren't as pleased with it.

Sabrina Carpenter Skims
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Spring may have just started, but temperatures are already rising, thanks to Sabrina Carpenter. The pop icon is the latest celeb to model Kim Kardashian's Skims brand, following the footsteps of Lana del Rey, Alex Cooper, and Kim Cattrall. “I feel very excited Skims chose me to be the face of this campaign as I’ve always been a fan of the brand,” she said of the collaboration.

In this '90s-inspired shoot, Carpenter is seen lounging around and talking on the phone in various sexy lingerie sets. She definitely turned heads in this hot pink look, including that of her new boyfriend, Barry Keoghan. The actor quickly commented on her post and expressed his approval. He left a flame and parched emoji before writing, "barbie emoji."

Sabrina Carpenter Skims

Sabrina Carpenter is the face of the spring collection for Skims.

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Sabrina Carpenter Skims

Sabrina Carpenter channels '90s glam in this sultry photoshoot.

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However, some fans were less impressed with this collaboration and made that clear in the comment section as well. Many referred to Taylor Swift's previous feud with Kim Kardashian and questioned how she would feel about this. Carpenter has been Swift's opening act for the past few months on the Eras Tour, and the pair have often posed together at award shows.

Swift and Kardashian have seemingly settled their differences since the 2016 drama surrounding them and Kardashian's husband at the time, Kanye West. But fans aren't as quick to forget, and many called out Carpenter for working with Kardashian.

"Touring with Taylor but supporting Kim?" one user wrote.

“How she gonna open for Taylor swift then work with Kim Kardashian?" another asked.

“DOES TAYLOR KNOW” an X user wrote.

But others defended Carpenter's decision, highlighting that she is a "free woman" and "everything is business." Others pointed out that some of Swift's close friends, like Selena Gomez and del Rey, have also worked with Skims.

Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter

Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter seemed to have grown close while touring together.

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Keoghan and Carpenter have been romantically linked since last fall. They supposedly met at Givenchy’s spring/summer 2024 show during Paris Fashion Week on September 28. They weren't photographed together at this event, but sources say they first spoke while there.

In December, the pair were spotted having a romantic dinner in Brentwood, California. Rumors spiraled from there, but neither star confirmed or denied the relationship.

They were spotted on another date in January, this time at Luna Luna, an interactive art museum in Los Angeles. “It definitely seemed like a date,” an eyewitness told People, adding they were “cute” together and “shared a little kiss.”

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the pair went public at W magazine’s Grammys after party. They walked the red carpet separately but were spotted cozying up inside the event. They also had their photo taken together for the first time.

Keoghan then made the leap )and flight) to support his new girlfriend on the Eras Tour. He was spotted watching the show in Singapore from a closed-off section. Footage shared on social media showed Carpenter running into his arms after the concert ended.

But it's not official until there's a friendship bracelet involved, as Swift and Travis Kelce demonstrated. At an Academy Awards dinner in Los Angeles with Louis Vuitton and W magazine, Keoghan was spotted wearing a beaded friendship bracelet spelling out “Sabrina.”

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter

The pair confirmed they were an item at a Grammys party in February, where they were officially photographed together for the first time.

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Despite seeming to keep their relationship private, Carpenter opened up to Cosmopolitan about her most important sex tip: "Be smart, use protection."

"I mean, at the end of the day, my whole thing right now is, whatever you do, don’t get pregnant," Carpenter explained. "That’s the way I’m living my life. So that’s my sex tip. Be smart. Use protection."

She also discussed how she might be perceived as overtly sexual, thanks to her touring outfits, the famous "Feather" music video, and now this Skims campaign, but she actually is more prudish than people would expect. "But, in a real way, my advice is: Do whatever feels most comfortable to you," she said. "You can be curious and ask questions, but a lot of it is just going to be you learning yourself. So do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and safe. Boring answer."

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