Cardi B Officially Confirms Her Relationship Status With Offset

"I want to start 2024 fresh and open."

Offset and Cardi B attend the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards
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Cardi B is known for many things from her fans: jaw-dropping outfits, incredible music, and complete honesty. That honesty came into play in her latest Instagram Live, where she confirmed for fans that she and longtime partner Offset had broken up.

The pair have been married since 2017 and share two children together. They initially split in 2018, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Kulture. At the time, Offset had been at the center of cheating allegations at the time for which he issued a public apology. The pair seemingly worked things out; they later filed for divorce in 2020, before deciding to try again.

Since then, the pair welcomed their son, Wave, into the world.

Recently though fans believed that Cardi was dropping hints that everything wasn't perfect in paradise. Last week, the singer posted cryptic messages on her Instagram, including “You know when you just outgrow a relationship” and “I’m tired of protecting people’s feelings. I gotta put myself first."

Offset and Cardi B are seen in NYC

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Social media detectives quickly discovered that the pair were no longer following one another on Instagram. Then Offset was inspired to do some Instagram stories of his own, including a scene from Scarface about being unable to trust people.

Cardi finally addressed the matter in an Instagram Live. She said that she had struggled to open up about this but felt like she received signs that it was time to be honest. She didn't specify when she and Offset broke up or if they've filed for divorce, but said she's "been single for a minute."

Cardi seemed somber when discussing the breakup but also hopeful for the future. She rounded it off by saying, "I want to start 2024 fresh and open. I don’t know. I’m curious for a new life, a new beginning, and yeah, I am excited.”

Fans supported the singer in the breakup. One user wrote, "If this is true she’s going to be the biggest star in the world, I always felt like he was holding her back."

As we wait and see, let's hope Cardi (and the rest of us) manage to start 2024 fresh and open, indeed.

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