Drew Barrymore Did the Math for How Taylor Swift Can Make It to the Super Bowl From Her Tokyo Concert—2 Months Before the Chiefs' Key Win


Musician Taylor Swift and actress Drew Barrymore arrive at COVERGIRL 50th Anniversary Celebration at BOA Steakhouse on January 5, 2011 in West Hollywood, California
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What can Drew Barrymore not do?

I absolutely don't have the answer, because I'll tell you this for free: It's not math.

Back in November, the talk show host took it upon herself, as an act of public service, to do the calculations as to how Taylor Swift could make it from her Eras Tour show in Tokyo on Feb. 10 to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Feb. 11 to support Travis Kelce.

If you're following this whole saga (and by saga I mean The Sports) at all, you'll know that the Super Bowl was just a strong wish for the Kansas City Chiefs in November, since they only secured their place in the legendary game this past Sunday—ergo, Drew Barrymore did preemptive math for the Swifties, because she just loves us that much.

"OK, so it turns out that Taylor Swift on Feb. 10 is doing a show in Tokyo," the actress began on The Drew Barrymore Show at the time.

"The Super Bowl is Feb. 11. So if she left Tokyo at *midnight*"—here, she paused to wink comically—"she would arrive somewhere in Las Vegas around 11 a.m. on Feb. 10."

Barrymore continued, "The flight time is 11 hours and 35 minutes approximately from Tokyo to Vegas, so she might arrive at like 10:35 p.m., but on Feb. 10, leaving her a full night's sleep, and so she really could make it to the Super Bowl IF, just if it happens to, like, come true." (Like I said, the Chiefs were not at all guaranteed to be in the Super Bowl at the time.)

She concluded, "So, also, I checked to see if there's a flight, and there is, leaving Tokyo at 12:50 p.m. at Haneda airport, which then gets her in at 5:50 to LAX, and then that's just a quick hop from LAX, um, so it's possible."

As one YouTube commenter pointed out, Ms. Swift is more likely to take a private jet for this journey, but all the same, the numbers don't lie: She very much could be in the stands to cheer on her athlete BF (and to show up for those of her fans she's initiated to The Sports, too, obv). Yay!

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