Life After Death on 'Game of Thrones': 12 Actors' First Post-'Thrones' Roles

They're doing FINE.


Game of Thrones has a reputation for killing off characters, but the actors who lose their GOT gigs don't have trouble finding work after the show. Here are the first jobs several former Thrones castmembers had after the show.

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Iwan Rheon

It's hard to imagine anyone being upset when Ramsay Bolton died on Game of Thrones, but if you're missing the actor, you can catch Rheon as Maximus in Inhumans.

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Sean Bean

After the shocking end of his run on Game of Thrones, Bean changed gears and played a British secret service agent.

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Richard Madden

Madden followed up his role as Robb Stark with a part in the French romance film A Promise.

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Michelle Fairley

After her stint on Game of Thrones, Fairley guest-starred on Suits, alongside Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

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Harry Lloyd

After Thrones, Lloyd costarred in the critically-acclaimed Margaret Thatcher biopic, The Iron Lady.

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Jason Momoa

Momoa followed up his time as Khal Drogo with a role in the action, thriller film Bullet to the Head.

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Charles Dance

After ending his time on GOT, Dance took on a couple of small roles before coming back as another intimidating patriarch in Victor Frankenstein.

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Rose Leslie

After her heart-wrenching end on Game of Thrones, Leslie made a few television appearances in shows like Utopia and Downton Abbey and in the miniseries The Great Fire. But then came a big screen role in The Last Witch Hunter, starring Vin Diesel.

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Pedro Pascal

After his character's tragic demise on GOT, Pascal did a stint on The Mentalist as Agent Marcus Pike.

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Faye Marsay

After ultimately losing out to Arya in Season 6 as The Waif, Marsay went on to appear in an episode of Black Mirror, keeping her prestige TV rep in tact.

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Natalie Dormer

Margaery was a hard character to lose, but Dormer's schedule is already full. She's set to star in Picnic At Hanging Rock, an Australian miniseries, later this year.

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Diana Rigg

The Queen of Thorns went out on a fittingly sharp note, but Dame Diana Rigg is far from done. This year, she joined the cast of ITV's Victoria.

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