The Hottest Celebrity Males Duke it Out (PHOTOS)

Which celeb reigns supreme?
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Now that we've finally gone public with our love for one Mr. Harry Styles, it's time we put his perfect hair, magnificent smile, and hot bod to the test. Which celeb reigns supreme?
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Justin Bieber vs. Harry Styles

They both have tats. They both have had hot celebrity girlfriends. We say the winner is the one who wasn't allegedly caught leaving a Brazilian brothel.

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Harry Styles vs. Liam Hemsworth

This is a hard one. One of these hunks was engaged to Miley Cyrus, while the other dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween.

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Harry Styles vs. Ryan Reynolds
This calls into question our creepy love for a teenager versus our much more age-appropriate love for scruff and the Van Wilder movies.
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Drake vs. Harry Styles
We can’t decide who has the better side stare.
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Harry Styles vs. Robert Pattinson
Who looks hotter in green? We. Can't. Choose.
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Ross Lynch vs. Harry Styles
Harry's hair flip! C'mon guys.
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Zac Effron vs. Harry Styles
Both can sing! Both have lustrous locks! How old is Harry again?
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