Julia Fox Is Bringing Bloomers Back Into the Conversation With This Sultry Victorian Look

Maybe some articles of clothing firmly belong in history books?

Julia Fox
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Julia Fox is no stranger to bold fashion choices. That might just be the understatement of the year, and it's only the third of January.

Whether it's tattooed skin shoes, belts as tops, or black veils, Fox will try anything, and look very attractive doing it.

But this time, I'm not sure whether even Fox can resurrect this trend. We've seen the resurgence of low-waist jeans and hair gems, and now Fox is aiming to bring back another historic trend: bloomers.

Bloomers first became popular in late 1849 as a way for women to have more freedom and mobility in their clothing. They were usually worn under dresses and allowed women to partake in gardening or other "womanly" activities, whatever that means.

Flash forward to the present day, and Fox is letting her bloomers hang out, pairing them a white mesh bralette complete with long hanging pink bows. Complementing the Victorian look are fingerless white lace gloves, which cover about as much skin as the bralette. To top it all off, Fox is wearing Simone Rocha plimsol shoes and a Simone Rocha pearl egg bag.

There is no doubt about it: Fox is channelling some serious Victorian style in this look. Well, except for the fact that Victorians considered a glimpse of ankles to be revealing, so this outfit would be the end of them.

It answers the question of whether any historical period can be turned into an edgy outfit and now begs whether any period should.

Perhaps next we'll get to see a pilgrim look from Fox, complete with a large belt buckle and little else? Or, if we're very lucky, Fox will challenge herself with an American West-style outfit, proving that Little House on the Prairie costumes can still look sexy.

There is no denying that Fox looks gorgeous in her bloomers, and perhaps they'll be the unexpected fashion trend of 2024. Let's keep our eyes peeled and prepare to throw out our denim shorts.

Julia Fox

(Image credit: Backgrid)
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