Kanye West Has Been Banned From Instagram for 24 Hours Over Harassing Posts

He attacked Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and more on social media.

(Image credit: Getty/PATRICK KOVARIK)

Many people have rung alarm bells over the last few weeks, as Kanye West's behavior towards Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson stopped being entertaining (if it ever was) and became straight harassment.

One of the latest to do so was talk show host Trevor Noah, who took almost 10 minutes to unpack the whole mess of a situation on The Daily Show. He raised concerns over West's behavior, and criticized Davidson for reportedly texting West, "I'm in bed with your wife" while offering him mental health advice.

"This thing, it's spun into a story that seems fully tabloid, but I think... deserves a little more awareness from the general public, because it touches on something that is more sensitive and more serious than people would like to admit," Noah said. He was referring more specifically to West continuing his efforts to get Kardashian back, after she has been extremely clear that she is ready for their relationship to be in the past.

Following his take, TMZ reports that West wrote a racial slur on Noah's Instagram account, which prompted Meta to ban the rapper from the social media platform for 24 hours.

A spokesperson for the company told TMZ that "Kanye's recent posts violated Instagram's policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying."

West has posted various insults and attacks against Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, SNL writer Dave Sirus, and actor D.L. Hughley.

The ban means he can't post, comment or otherwise interact with other users for 24 hours. While this is temporary, Meta told TMZ that they would take further steps if needed in the future.

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