Kylie Kelce Says Jason Kelce Defending Her Online Is One of "Many Reasons I Love Him"

These two!!!

Jason and Kylie Kelce with their children
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Kylie Kelce loves knowing that husband Jason Kelce has her back.

After Jason defended her online recently over a comment about her being a "homemaker," Kylie told Us Weekly that this is "one of the many, many reasons I love him so much."

Kylie also credited Jason's mom Donna Kelce with instilling in him the knowledge that women can be strong and independent.

"I tell everybody I wish I had the traveling abilities of my mother-in-law. It is those traits that I think helped him understand that women can be sort of a strong force," she told the magazine, speaking as part of her partnership with HP's Print Pals, in collaboration with the Eagles Autism Foundation.

"And although they’re no longer together, his parents were very much a partnership in how they function and it was a team effort," Kylie added. "He has taken that into his adult life and he uses that as an example of how he shows me respect and love every single day."

The "homemaker" drama arose after Jason had denounced statements made by Chiefs player Harrison Butker in a viral commencement speech, in which he made the assumption that the graduating women were most excited about becoming wives and mothers rather than embarking on their career paths.

Someone on X called Kylie a "homemaker whose home is a mess," and Jason had choice words for them.

"I don’t think of Kylie as a homemaker, I think of her as my wife," he wrote. "I think of her as a mother. She has an occupation, as do I, and we keep our house the best we can."

He went on, "Our marriage is a partnership, we are equals who are figuring it out on the daily. The only expectation is that we love each other, support one another, and are committed to our family, that comes first."

In an interview with Cheddar released on Thursday, Kylie was asked to weigh in on that particular aspect of Butker's speech, as a mother of three daughters.

"I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion," she said.

"I hope that if anyone does not align with those views in that graduating class, that they know that they have just achieved something, those women graduating in that class, have just achieved something that no one can take away from them. Their education will stick with them for the rest of their lives, and I hope that they were appropriately celebrated if that was not their view."

She continued, "And if it was, and they're looking forward to making a family and being a stay-at-home mom, then more power to them. I think that as women, we should support each other in our choices."

Speaking on the podcast he shares with brother Travis Kelce, New Heights, Jason had said, "I would say, 'If my daughters listened to anybody tell them what to do, that they should be homemakers, then I've failed as a dad.'

"Like, what the f*** are you talking about? I don't care who's talking to 'em. If you let somebody up on a stage tell you that you can't do that, and then you're like, 'Aw f***, I guess I won’t go be a Fortune 500 CEO,' like you weren't gonna make it. Like, what are we talking about?

"All you have to do is just say, 'That guy's a f***ing idiot.' And then you move on. Like I don't get what the whole fuss is."

LOL, Jason.

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