Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Enjoy Bath Time as Experts Weigh In on Their Compatibility

They're basically meant to be.

Machine Gun Kelly, winner of the Alternative Rock Album of the Year award for 'Tickets To My Downfall,’ and Megan Fox attend the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards
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Ah, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. I'm genuinely super happy for them as they continue to celebrate their engagement, although I probably don't need quite as much insight into their private lives as they're willing to share (drinking each other's blood, anyone?).

Still, a random celebrity journalist is not the main character in a famous couple's life—to my great despair—and these two will continue to be a little extra open with the world if they want to. Which, fair enough.

Their latest slight overshare is pretty cute, though. The actress posted a video of their two pairs of naked feet and painted toenails on her Instagram Story as they shared a relaxing bath. That said, the bathtub did also have whole red roses—thorns and all—in it, so maybe "relaxing" isn't quite the right word.

Megan Fox and MGK bath

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This is just the latest in a long series of evidence that Fox and MGK are super in love, and experts seem to agree that that love was made to last. Marie Claire previously spoke to a psychic, a Vedic astrologer and a body language expert, all of whom saw a lot of good in the relationship.

Those experts are far from alone in predicting a true love match for the Jennifer's Body actress and her rapper fiancé. "Around MGK, Megan appears to show genuine smiles and her whole face is engaged when in the company of her partner," body language expert Darren Stanton tells Marie Claire on behalf of Be My Bet.

"She and MGK are a very unique couple and it’s their uniqueness that makes them seem extremely compatible—their styles seem to suit each other very well, and they’re not afraid to push boundaries together, often appearing as one entity instead of individuals," Stanton continues. "Their connection and the depth of their relationship implies their romance is one that could definitely last a very long time."

For relationship expert and founder of the Wingman app Tina Wilson, Fox and MGK's ages (35 and 31, respectively) make them especially ready for a big commitment. "Long-term compatibility is easier to achieve when you know who you really are and what you want in your life," Wilson tells Marie Claire. "Mid-30s is an ideal time to say YES as you are likely to be a pretty finished version of your future self, and as long as both of you remain on a similar path, lifelong love can occur. The future looks rosy for his happy couple."

But the road to this rosy future is full of thorns, if you'll pardon (or admire) the pun. The stars' relationship is intense as all heck, which could spell trouble for them, says Haifa Barbari, tarot-reading love coach and founder of Be What Matters. There could also be an imbalance between them, with Fox potentially taking on the role of protector and nurturer, leaving her fiancé with the more passive role.

Speaking to Marie Claire, Barbari says she sees Fox and MGK's love as almost "addictive," and is concerned about how much of an "emotional rollercoaster" the relationship has already been. However, she also sees a lot of promise for the couple. "The main green flag is... they’ve gone to therapy," she says, adding that they also display self-awareness, a growth mindset, commitment, commonalities and healthy differences.

Barbari pulled the following tarot cards for the couple: the Lovers, the 8 of cups reversed, Temperance, the 9 of swords, and the 2 of cups. She explains that these cards show a great love and commitment, but also a whole lot of emotional upheaval ahead, including a temporary breakup—which can bring them closer in the end if they, ahem, play their cards right.

"The major arcana cards tell a story of a destined soulmate connection, where they are advised and have what it takes to learn to temper addictions and bring harmony and balance into life, healing together with conscious action, patience, and commitment," Barbari says." The minor arcana tell us that the anxiety and emotional journey will be draining. However, with their overall equal commitment, kindred spirit connection and deep love for one another, they can overcome it and grow their relationship to last, even though we might see a temporary separation on that growth path."

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