Update: Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's 'Black Widow' Video Has Dropped!

PSA: Don't cross these two.

Iggy Azalea promised that the music video for her and Rita Ora's wicked track "Black Widow" would be "crazy," and after watching the 17-second teaser, we have to agree. The roguish pair give off some distinct out-for-vengeance vibes as their slinky silhouettes (complete with matching Croydon facelift ponytails) dance to the trap-heavy track. We have some sage words of wisdom: do not cross these two.

Watch, below, and look out for their performance during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24.

Update: The video has dropped and it's a full-on Japanese martial arts movie (sans the teaser scene, weirdly enough). The twosome are samurais seeking revenge on a good-for-nothing gentleman and it's deliciously wicked.

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