Taylor Swift's New Album Isn't Going To Be About Romance

Can't comprehend this.

Taylor Swift has made a career off of her ex-boyfriends by singing about heart wrenching breakups and the experiences of her failed relationships. So, with the announcement of her latest album, set to drop this October, we'd expect a lot of the same. What are we to do without a Taylor Swift song to cry to post-breakup? Well, as she's recently revealed, T-Swift is changing things up for her next album. Instead of bemoaning her ill-fated romances like she did in "Red", which she calls a "devastated record" that dealt with "intense heartbreak", Swift says that "1989" is all about the freedom and happiness that comes post-breakup—and with single life.

A happier vibe does make sense for her first "pop album", and if "Shake It Off" is any indication, we have plenty of bubbly pop to come. But will TSwift still be the TSwift we know and love without the breakup ballads? We'll have to decide come October. Watch the full interview below for even more on Taylor's upcoming album—and her changed aesthetic.


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