Bjork's New Video: Weird Even for Bjork

I love Bjork's videos in part because I like a lot of her music—but more than that, I can always count on her for big-bang spectacle. Her newest video, "Wanderlust," is a 3-D freak-fest, beautiful and creepy—and looks a lot like Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal." Plus yaks. Seven and a half minutes of giant, scary-eyed, yarn yaks.

The video cost over $100,000 and nine months to make, since the whole thing is shot in stereoscopic 3-D. Instead of collaborating with her usual partner, avant-garde kookster Michel Gondry, Bjork teamed up with geek-chic directors Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, who admitted they to get inspired for the video, they tripped on mushrooms while walking around in nature (uh, it shows).

Though it premiered briefly at the Deitch Projects art gallery in Queens, you can watch it in 2-D here.

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