Nicole Scherzinger Re-Imagines 'Your Love' With An Acoustic Performance

Nicole Scherzinger is insanely talented — this we know — but sometimes her sultry, mezzo soprano vocals can get lost amidst the high-flown dance and house instrumentals that get our parties started.

Proving that she's just as sensational, if not more, without all the bells and whistles, The X Factor judge has unveiled an acoustic performance of her smash summer single, "Your Love," on The Box. Scherzinger, accompanied by a small band, re-imagines the high-octane club track into a more sedated, funky ballad with a wealth of doo-do-do-da-doos. We not only hear more of Nicole's jaw-dropping vocal chops, but also her delightfully kitschy lyrics.

Watch the stripped down set, below:

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