8 Things Kimye's Mega-Mansion Has That Your House Doesn't

Kim, Kanye, and North just moved into an outrageously extravagant home.

After getting married and having a kid, Kim Kardashian checked the final box on the "adulthood" list and moved out of mom's house. She, Kanye West, and baby North have finally moved into a massive, $20 million mansion just down the road from mom Kris Jenner.

But let's just say this starter home is a little different from the typical shoebox you'd typically rent as your first pad. The Hidden Hills, California, mansion clocks in at 16,000 square feet, and that's not counting the neighbors' property, which they just bought for an extra $2.9 million. 

Here's what their house has that yours (sadly) likely never will, according to real estate site Trulia

  1. Eight bedrooms
  2. Ten bathrooms
  3. Two swimming pools, one with an awesome slide 
  4. A private movie theater
  5. Humongous custom-made closets with a mirrored dressing area
  6. A game room with suede walls and a wet bar
  7. A guest house, with perfect space for a custom recording studio
  8. A vineyard. Wait, make that two vineyards.

    The Kimye complex, which was once owned by Lisa Marie Presley, was designed to look like it belongs in the French countryside. But if you think Kim or Kanye would settle in without completely redecorating, you're crazy.

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