Laverne Cox Cast as Smart, Funny Lawyer in CBS Legal Drama

Prison break!

Laverne Cox
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Buh-bye, gray jumpsuit. (But not really because it's very possible she could pull double-duty on Orange Is the New Black. Relax.)

According to Variety (opens in new tab), Laverne Cox is set to play Cameron Wirth in the new CBS legal drama Doubt, which revolves around a trans Ivy League-educated attorney who becomes romantically involved with a maybe-guilty client. She's "fierce and funny," "competitive and compassionate," and her own experience with injustice drives her to "fight even harder for her clients." Not too shabby, huh?

If the pilot performs well enough and Doubt goes to series, Cox will be the first-ever transgender lead on network TV. (She's already the first trans actor to be nominated for an Emmy (opens in new tab).) Congratulations, Laverne—we can't wait for the dramatic courtroom monologues, the suits, and, of course, the history-making.

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