Watch Wednesday Addams Shut Down Catcallers in the Scariest/Most Awesome Way Possible

*Snap, Snap*

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(Image credit: YouTube)

Wednesday Addams is all grown up—and shutting down street harassers. In the web series Adult Wednesday Addams, Melissa Hunter shows just how much of a badass b*tch Addams is after being catcalled. 

"You'd be a lot prettier if you smiled," one guy yells at Addams, while the other goes much lewder (warning: NSFW) as they drive off in their Zoolander-esque Jeep. 

Addams shows up at their doorstep, and well...things get a little dark. But don't worry—no one dies. At least, not today.

"Some have argued that Wednesday Addams would have just decimated the catcallers – but in the Addams's philosophy, death is a gift," Hunter explained to People. "And death by Wednesday's henchmen would have been too honorable of a death for these two." 

Is it weird to want to be besties with a fictional character?

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