Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Are Asking for Major Raises for the 'Fifty Shades' Sequel


Fifty Shades Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson wearing black evening wear on the red carpet
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For once again agreeing to endure rope burn, Fifty Shades stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are seeking loads and loads of cash.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, when renegotiations for the sequel begin in six months, the pair will ask for seven-figure paychecks, a significant step up from the $250,000 they received to act in the first movie. (Which, by the way, has racked up a whopping $528 million worldwide.)

This is a technique other celebrities in successful film franchises have used before, namely Jennifer Lawrence, who made $10 million for Catching Fire, up from the $500K she earned for Hunger Games.

Well-deserved. (You know about that merkin-pouch, right?)

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