Alert: Here's Where to Get Your Next Kit Harington Fix

Now that he's not on Game of Thrones anymore, *which* is no longer a spoiler so no complaints, K?


On Game of Thrones, Broody McBroodypants Christopher "Kit" Harington played a decent dude who ultimately got Julius Caesar-ed, but I like to think he was okay with Olly shanking him knowing he would soon get his sweet, beardy revenge. (In a different universe, but still—he's getting paid.)

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the world's best/worst dinner-party guest is replacing Robert Pattinson in Brimstone, in which he will "play an outlaw who has a crucial role in the tale of retribution." Tale of retribution—that basically means "the stabbee becomes the stabber and thus feels better about being kicked out of Westeros," correct?

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Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, and GoT actress Carie van Houten also star, which seems counterproductive to Kit's healing process to me. Unless she uses her shadow-baby birthing powers to bring him back from the dead next season—then they'd probably be okay.

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