Here's What Happened When a Bro Wore Heels All Day to Prove Girls Are Whiners

"I want death. Please let me die."

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Brandon Cohen from fratty website Bro Bible decided that he was going to wear heels for a day to "prove that girls are huge complainers, and wearing heels isn't THAT bad."

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"To me, there's nothing quite as disgusting as a girl walking barefoot on the street with her heels in hand. It just screams trash," Cohen wrote. "Every wedding or fancy event I've ever been to has involved at least one girl complaining about how much pain they're in because of their footwear. Blah blah blah. I get it, your feet hurt…let's get back to some grinding."

Oh, so you think you're a big tough man and girls are just naturally predisposed to whining? You think you can "dominate the heels game" the way you "dominate" in life? So, how did that work out for you, Brandon?

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By 7:15 p.m., he threw in the towel.

"I literally can't stand anymore. My legs are shaking," he said. "This is literally Chinese foot binding in modern form."

Take a seat, boys.

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