Miley Cyrus Finds Brand-New Boundaries to Push in Her Latest NSFW Photo Spread

In which we contemplate exposure, overexposure, and a whole new sexual revolution.

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Kind of like her own anatomy at this weekend's VMAs, Miley Cyrus has been straining against oppressive forces (Versace suspenders/her Disney Channel past/society) ever since she didn't have to pretend to be Hannah Montana anymore. And today, with an audacious new Interview magazine photo shoot, she's pushing the envelope further than ever before.

You may wonder how that's possible—at this point we've seen Miley in all her bold, brazen glory already. Nearly naked, actually naked, in bondage, riding an inflatable penis on stage. This, she makes sure we know, is an empowered woman who can and will do whatever the hell she wants, whether that means aggressively owning her sexuality, dyeing her arm pits pink, or handing out joints at a nationally televised awards show.

But there is, apparently, one final frontier for Miley: Masturbating in a magazine spread. As one of eight Interview cover stars representing "the most powerful personalities on the internet"—which, of course, also includes Kim Kardashian—she's seen in a staged FaceTime session with photographer Mert Alas. "Sometimes you have to reach out and touch someone-slash-yourself," the accompanying text reads. "Mert Alas shares a few of his sexts with the fearless and self-possessed princess of pop."

Daring, provocative, in-your-face—they're Miley in all caps. And now she has a new boundary to push.

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