Watch Gigi Hadid Find Out She's Been Cast in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Imagine if someone taped the moment when you achieved a lifelong dream? That's what happened to Gigi Hadid, when she learned that she'd finally be walking at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The model, who had auditioned for the show last year but didn't make the cut, is shown strutting her stuff for casting directors in an Instagram video posted by the brand. Then, it happens:

Casting Director: "What are you doing on November 9th and 10th?"

Gigi: "I don't know"

Casting Director: "Why don't you come join us?"

Gigi: "Really?!"

Cue the tears. 

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Gigi shared a photo of the moment to her Instagram as well, saying: "Couldn't keep back my tears!!!! Anyone that grew up with me knows that getting this show has been a dream of mine forever! THANK YOU @victoriassecret & @ed_razek! One of the happiest moments of my life."

We hate to be those people, but c'mon—that's pretty damn cute.

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