Oprah Defends the Kardashians, but at Lindsay Lohan's Expense


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We need to talk about Oprah.

Last week, Rebel Wilson went on radio show Kyle and Jackie O. to voice her extreme dislike of the Kardashians, namely because "Kim Kardashian got famous from the sex tape, and I went to acting school and worked really hard." This week, Oprah, of all people, appeared on Kyle and Jackie O., where she stuck up for the family and kinda-sorta-but-actually suggested Lindsay Lohan doesn't have what it takes to carry her own reality show.

"To really create a reality series that looks like something is actually happening, you have to be on all the time," Winfrey said of an interview for which she stayed seven hours at the Kardash Kompound, after which the K-squad shot their program for another seven hours. "I went to film them as a family. I couldn't believe how hard they work. So I disagree that they don't do work. They have become their own iconic phemon, in this country and abroad, and you don't get that by not doing some work."

Unlike some people COUGH COUGH.

"[Lindsay Lohan is] one of those people who said, 'oh yes, sure, I'll have the cameras follow me' and then when you realize how much work that really is…you know how much acting you got to do to make it look real?"

Apparently, Lohan still texts her savior from time to time with updates on her love life. I'm sure they'll have something else to talk about now.

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