Drunk Justin Timberlake Is the *Best* Justin Timberlake

Even his gibberish is on point.

Justin Timberlake in a dinner jacket.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Drunk Justin Timberlake is all of us after we've had one too many. Except instead of ranting about not being able to order a pizza to the bar, he has choice words for the paparazzi.

When the photogs got all up in JT's business as he left his CMAs stage partner/buddy Chris Stapleton's concert in L.A, he was NOT having it. 

"I gave you guys shots before I walked in," he told them, slurring his words. "If you're too lazy to be paparazzi that gets the shots when I got in, that's on you."

To quote JT himself: A thousand proof don't change the truth, guys. Let him live.

Watch his hilarious gibberish here.

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