Louis Tomlinson's Baby Name Out-Weirds All Others, Causes Mass Confusion About Weather in Australia

Is it raining in Sydney, y/n?

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Exciting news for people who care about One Direction (everyone, right?): Louis Tomlinson welcomed his first child into the world over the weekend, while the rest of us were just all:


The British boy bander confirmed the news via Twitter, writing "I'm pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday :) He is healthy and pretty amazing :) I'm very happy!!"

What he didn't confirm was Baby Tomlinson's name—but word on the street (and by "street" we mean internet) is that Louis and his ex-girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, have bestowed the unusual moniker "Syndey Rain" on their child. 

The name almost immediately started trending, causing Australians to be understandably confused about their meteorilogical conditions:

It remains to be seen whether Harry Styles will name his future child Norfolk Frigid Wind Storm, but we live in hope.


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