Sutton Foster Cried on the Set of 'Gilmore Girls'

Totally appropriate response.

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Before being cast on Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, Sutton Foster was just like the rest of us: a die-hard fan who grew up with the show. So you can only imagine her extreme emotions when confronted with the actual town of Stars Hollow. 

"The first time I walked on the Gilmore Girls set and walked into Stars Hollow was crazy. Beyond," she recently told EW (opens in new tab). "I was walking by, like, 'there's Lorelai's house! There's the Jeep! Oh my gosh, there's Kim's Antiques! Oh my gosh, there's Luke's Diner!' I'm like a big super-nerd."

In fact, Foster was so overwhelmed with Gilmore Girls-related feelings while on set, that she burst into tears upon completing her scene with Lauren Graham. "It was just surreal, I was really nervous—and then when it was over and we got it, I just sort of burst into tears," she said. "There's so much anticipation and so much admiration. I'm still like that little kid. I'm still 15 in my head. I'm still the super fan who wants to do this for a living."

Hands up if you think you'll be able to get through Gilmore Girls without weeping? *gazes through internet, sees zero hands, rests case*

Watch Sutton chat more about Gilmore Girls below.

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