Anna Kendrick Tweets That She's Looking for a "Strapping" Man, Kellan Lutz Volunteers as Tribute

All great relationships are built on Twitter (ancient proverb, maybe).

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On the fated day of March 28, actress Anna Kendrick hit Twitter to write about cooking squash in 140 characters or less. But within those 140 characters, she also made reference to needing a "strapping, muscular man" for vegetable-chopping purposes.

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It was a rhetorical question, but fellow Twilight star Kellan Lutz felt the need to hop online and answer it anyway. 

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Is this flirting? Are they just friends? Who knows, but that sound you're hearing is a million Twilight enthusiasts (or "Twihards," as they call themselves) having zero chill on social media. To quote one excited fan: "Did Emmett Cullen just hit on Jessica Stanley?" Unclear, but if there's one question we can ask ourselves in these confusing times, it's WWRD? Or, in non-acronym terms, What Would Renesmee Do?

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