Believe It or Not, Amy Schumer Considers Herself an Introvert

Wait. But her explanation makes sense?

Amy Schumer
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Feeding our national obsession with personality quizzes and putting your Myers-Briggs on your Tinder profile, Amy "I've Talked to Ryan Seacrest About My Itchy Vagina" Schumer has come out as an introvert. Huh?

"You're alone up here," she said during an appearance on Colbert to promote her book. "And then it's structure: People come in and talk to you for four minutes, and then you don't have to see them again if you don't want to. So it's like I'm on stage yapping, then I'm back in my hotel room by myself."

Makes sense—especially with her textbook explanation of how she needs to recharge by not being around others (AKA introvert all the day). People tend to forget there are such things as social/outgoing introverts—and Schumer proves she's definitely not shy. Watch the full video below.

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Chelsea Peng
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