Hailey Baldwin Is Literally Rocking "The Rachel" Right Now

More proof that 2016 is secretly 1996.

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ICYMI, all the styles you thought had been left six-feet under in the '90s are back. Denim capri pants lurk around every corner. You find yourself wondering if you should layer your spaghetti strap tank top over your t-shirt. And, if you're Hailey Baldwin, you decide the time has come to metaphorically join the cast of Friends.

Cosmopolitan UK noticed that Baldwin cut her hair into The Rachel (AKA Jennifer Aniston's world-famous style), and guys? She looks legit. Like, we should all be getting this haircut.

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Here's Rachel's iconic look for comparison.

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Hailey wore the '90s style to an appearance at the Ugg store (update: this story just got even more perfect), and this photo happened.

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In conclusion, this haircut is her lobster.

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