Gigi Hadid Should Be Applauded for Elbowing Her Attacker in the Face

What would *you* do if a stranger tried to pick you up?

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The other day, Gigi Hadid was walking around Milan minding her own business, when a "fan" (AKA celebrity "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk) felt the need to pick her up without asking. Which definitely counts as assault, in case anyone is unclear.

Here's the terrifying video:

Because she was being groped by a total stranger, Gigi did what any girl would do: she elbowed him in the face and tried to escape. But strangely, the supermodel has been called out for her behavior—and she's having none of it.

Xposure/AKM GSI

To be clear, when faced with an unknown man trying to pick you up, it is 100 percent better to pull a Gigi and elbow them in the face than politely sit there and feel out the situation. Yes? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Gigi = a role model in more ways than one.

Xposure/AKM GSI

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