In Which Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Milk a Cow

"You dressed very disrespectful. You look like Howdy Doody right now."

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In retaliation for that one time Jimmy Fallon made him try sushi (opens in new tab) and he was all "I NEED MORE SAKE," Blake Shelton returned the favor and taught the talk show host how to milk a cow named Oreo—but not before insulting his outfit multiple times and making hand movements that would make anybody giggle like a sixth-grade boy.

Top sound bites: when Shelton calls manhandling Oreo a lesson in "romance and finesse." "It's more a squeeze-push than a stroke," complete with...manual demonstrations. An ace Woody from Toy Story jab. And "this is the first time I've been happy with you."

Comedy gold. Watch it here.

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