'Hamilton' Breaks an Epic Record Following That Mike Pence Drama

So...#BoycottHamilton was a fail.

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Remember when Mike Pence wandered into Hamilton and was immediately booed? And then Donald Trump threw a fit on Twitter and #BoycottHamilton was born? Yeah, about that.

Despite some dark corners of the internet attempting to make Hamilton irrelevant (FYI, it's basically in a permanent state of sold out), the New York Times reports that the show just set a record for the most money earned on Broadway in a week. Yup, it earned $3.3 million for a mere eight performances. Mind = blown.


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So, what have we learned? Mike Pence is the key to Broadway success. Kidding, freedom of speech is the key to success—and speaking of, here's actor Brandon Victor Dixon's comments to the future Veep:

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